Collection: PRO Golf Ball Holders

Snakebelly™ Pro golf ball holders clip to the top rim of your golf bag and feature a 3-ball magazine inside an aluminum track frame. With the Quick-DrawRelease, simply grab a golf ball from the top or slide one out the the bottom with our smooth action frame. Made in the USA. 



Our Top-rated Golf Ball Holders


Grab-n-Go design lets you select golf balls from either side.

You can select golf balls from either side of our PRO series golf ball holders. The top position is perfect for parking your game ball between holes.

Unique tapered track frame.

Simply load up a sleeve of your favorite game balls before your round. Our unique reversed-tapered frame track securely locks-in the golf balls whether you walk, push, or ride.

Protective Anodized finish.

We treat all our aluminum frames with an anodizing finish. This process coats the aluminum and ensures it will look great and last for a very long time.

Closed cell rubber-coated bag clip.

Our very tacky bag clip is designed to clamp tightly to the top rim of your golf bag. Its shape accommodate carry style golf bags or the larger cart golf bags with ease.

Smart play.

We help keep your head in the game by instantly getting you ready to play your next shot - other players have to dig through their golf bag to find that suitable ball to play. You’re already rolling to the pin.

Easy one-hand use.

Our secure mounting lets you select or store golf balls with one hand. An important distinction if you have a club in the other. Our patent pending design creates that secure, rigid feeling - like its part of the bag.