Collection: EDC Knife Rack Collection

Snakebelly builds premium EDC knife racks enthusiasts count on for their quality knives & gear.

Engineered Resin = No warping

Engineering resins are a group of materials that have higher mechanical properties than the more widely used commodity plastics. 

Structural Rigidity - The resin we use is designed for strength and toughness due to the short carbonate bonds & provides the structural rigidity we want for perfect flatness & dimensional stability. 

Why does this matter? Our design engineering has to be spot-on to accommodate all the different types of knives we hold; and meet the quality expectations of our customers. 

The bottom line: We understand true knife enthusiasts want a quality made display that works seamlessly with their gear.

Carbon - Knife Enthusiasts Favorite Element

It's the Carbon atom that changes regular steel to blade steel and likewise it's the element that upgrades plastic to the engineering resins we use for our superior performing products.

Noteworthy Formulas:

Carbon + Steel = Blade Steel 

Carbon + Plastic = Engineered Resin (Snakebelly)

Compound Angles = Stability

We also have a ton of design engineering packed into our Snakebelly EDC Knife Rack so your knives stay in-place: 

We start with a pair of opposing  parallel edges (shown in blue) to support the knives with 2-points of contact for alignment.

For additional stability, we combine the parallel edges with our unique angled positions (red) so the knives rest flat against the angled side dividers.

Adding up these design features results in a world-class knife rack unmatched in the industry for rigidity, grip, hold, and style.

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